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Whether we believe in Astrology or not but at some point in our life when we start suffering from some big disappointments one after another at a high frequency for a long interval of time we start believing that there exist something very powerful in our life which is directing our life and which has the power to change the course of our life what we call... Destiny!!!... and Astrology is nothing else but an attempt to estimate the destiny of a person so as to provide him or her some important guidelines. - Mr. Gyan Sagar


Vastu shastra now famous globaly.
Indian Culture is famous because of its different celebrations and many kind of vastu knowledge
Gems are good for humman being
सेवा ही परमधर्म है| सेवा ही है जो आपको आध्यात्मिक अनुभूति देती है, सेवा ही है जो आत्मिक सुख प्रदान करती है, सेवा ही है जो किसी गरीब-अक्षम का जीवन सुधारती है और सेवा से ही हमें अपने होने का अहसास होता है|

Match Making

Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of horoscope matching based on nakshatras (Lunar Constellations), which is called Ashtakoot milan or simply guna milap. This kundali matching method assigns points for factors that influence marriage.

Palm Reading

According to Palmistry, we all have mammoth of lines on our palm which have significant meaning. Some of the lines are Heart-line (Hridaya rekha), Brain-line (Mastishka Rekha), Destiny-line (Bhagya-rekha), Life-line (Jeevan Rekha), and much more.


it is believed by many learned astrologers that an improper structure of a house or an office building can badly affect peace of ones life or can create meaningless problems in living. You must have observed that some people are really in trouble for pointless crisis at home.

Stone Consultancy

Science of Gemstone astrology is based on the fact that cosmic forces of planets govern human body and life. The cosmic structure of our birth chart defines how much of a help we will get from destiny in the course of our lives.

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